Lourdes Cabrera, Córdoba, Spain , 1979,
is a photographer based between Madrid and Bologna .


My work is born from intuition, from intimacy, from a vulnerable and irrational place.
Sometimes my images are staged, and other times they are fragments of everyday life; in both instances, they always aim to address themes of identity and the search for balance between man and his environment.
The choices I make in my work have a lot to do with the intention of honoring the subject and magnifying everyday things.
I am interested in the thread of tension that is created by stopping time and one's eye on specific particulars; of daily and intimate life.
I work by observing details that link one image to the next, drawing a common thread with a subtle tension, exploring the narration capacities of photography and constructing new stories from deposits of reality. I invite the viewer to take an inner journey, to feel hot or cold, strength and fragility at the same time, and above all to stop and observe.